True Value Debuts Paint Center: Schools, Club Benefit From Paint Donations

From The Ramona Journal:

When True Value launched its new Inspiration Realized color center and décor package this fall, the Ransom Brothers store on Main Street was one of four chosen to test the concept with customers.

“We are excited about the opportunity to be one of the first in the country to showcase it and give some of our input on changes,” said Ransom Brothers co-owner Jimmy Gilchriest, who owns the store with his mother, JoAnne Gilchriest.
He said that the new paint center will be installed in 50 stores next year, and will expand throughout the country by the end of 2018.
Extensive consumer research showed that selecting a paint color is often a pain point for customers who are overwhelmed by too many choices. True Value addressed this issue by developing a color center that can not only “wow” customers in the paint aisle, but also simplify the process.
Consumers who visit the paint department simply select from a single color display that helps them choose the high-quality paint they want from a wide range of colors at varying prices.
“It’s a unique shopping experience for True Value customers,” said Gilchriest. “Paint can be challenging to sell, and with the Inspiration Realized color center, customers can walk into a store without any idea of what they want and leave confident they’ve selected the right paint and color for their project.”
The results have been impressive so far.
“All of the customers that have been interviewed about our specific setup say it’s one of the best that they’ve seen.”
The freestanding carousel display — featuring nearly 1,200 colors arranged in eight color-family hues — is designed to attract and inspire. It also features a paint bar that allows paint associates to assist customers with their projects and help them feel at ease with the color selection process.
A separate inspiration area has web-enabled tablets that make it easy to browse color and paint ideas.
“We’re excited we were given the opportunity to be part of it,” Gilchriest said. “At the end of the day, it’s now transforming our store into a paint destination, instead of a department.”
As a way of pouring its generosity into the community, Ransom Brothers True Value donated 80 gallons of paint to Ramona Unified School District and 20 gallons to the Boys and Girls Club, Ramona Branch this summer.

Ransom Brothers co-owners Jimmy Gilchriest and JoAnne Gilchriest, left, and Boys and Girls Club Ramona Branch Manager Simone McCune, back row, center, are pictured with club members in front of a paint display.

The Boys and Girls Club donation is part of a philanthropy program conducted by the True Value corporate office, which partners with the youth organization nationwide.

“We were happy that we could be part of helping them out,” said Gilchriest, who added that the paint was used on the club’s new building being constructed at its Collier County Park site.
The paint is making a difference, according to Boys and Girls Club Branch Manager Simone McCune.
“We haven’t used it all yet, because we’re still in the building phases, but it will be used. Anything that can save money is beneficial because we rely on grants and donations as a nonprofit. We greatly appreciate their generosity.”
McCune said the building is coming along quickly, and she anticipates that it will be finished sometime in the fall — possibly this month.
“It’s an expansion of the existing facility, so the access will be through the main building,” McCune said. “It will include a multipurpose room, staff break room and additional storage, as well as restroom access from the outside for soccer leagues.”
Ramona Unified School District was selected by the True Value Foundation “Painting a Brighter Future” program, which allows stores to reach out to local schools that submit an application detailing why they might deserve a paint scholarship.
Ramona High School Campus Supervisor Bob Verhoest said the exterior paint was used at Ramona Elementary School and the high school.
“The donation was a great donation, because I know what paint costs,” he said. “RUSD uses a lot of paint. I really appreciate what they did for us.”
Gilchriest said he welcomes the chance to give back to the community.
“It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of a national program that True Value puts together.”